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There are many web-apps roaming out there where you can convert word files to PDF format and vice versa. The number of desktop applications which do this kind of stuff for you does not come short either. Our share of the day features a simple web app that will help you in your document conversions.

Here’s a simple web app that you might want to use to quickly convert a PDF document format to word (.doc) format. The app is called, obviously, Convert PDF to Word. All you need to do is get a PDF document and upload using the Convert PDF document to Word web application. It will immediately pop out a download dialogue box after the conversion is finished.

The converter works quite fast and it keeps the formatting of the PDF document intact. However, the paragraphs in converted document, which is now in the form of a Word document (.doc), are inside text boxes. If you’re planning on doing major editing to your PDF’s be prepared to deal with the text boxes.

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