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Search engines are a great way to find information on the internet, but the problem is that the search results that they give are very short and does not always provide the information that we are looking for. They only give a part of the indexed pages which most of the time is insufficient data. We have to browse the links provided only to find more links and less information. If you are doing research about a particular topic and using a search engine to do it, chances are you’ll end up browsing more than getting what you need right away.

ChunkIt is a Firefox plugin that will help you get information faster and better with your search results. What it does is browse the pages that appeared on let’s say Google search results and get chunks of information related to the keywords that you used. It highlights the keywords within the content which will allow you to access the information faster.

  • ChunkIt searches within the pages of your engine’s results to find your search terms in context. You can then preview the resulting multicolored “chunks” for relevance without clicking on the actual page.
  • ChunkIt digs deep inside a Webpage and all of the webpages it contents links to, leaving no stone unturned as it searches for information relevant to your search.

The plugin will divide you screen in two displaying the Chunked texts on the right side and the original page on the left. You can get chunks from browsers like Google and Yahoo and directly from websites. Chunking directly from websites is useful especially when you are browsing a huge website like Wikipedia.

ChunkIt is a great Firefox plugin but it is far from perfect. When I tested it, I experienced several errors and bugs. If you would like to test or try out the plugin, might I suggest that you go over their FAQ page first to find out about the errors. It also showed some conflicts with the current FF plugins that I’m using.

Check out the video below on how to use ChunkIt.

6 Comments on “ChunkIt: View the Web in Chunks

  1. Talking about the information from search engines, these days are less relevant indeed. Unless we make or subscribe from paid database such as libraries and other archives…. With the PR thing, as long as a page has higher PR, they usually come on top of the searches though they are not what one is looking for. Ill see this chinkit…

  2. This is good! That makes the work more productive and the time not wasted!

    “ChunkIt searches within the pages of your engine’s results to find your search terms in context. You can then preview the resulting multicolored “chunks” for relevance without clicking on the actual page.”

  3. I was reading through this and saw Eistein.. What a coincidence! I read yesterday that big bang is not anymore applicable but a new theory that the world will never end… I forgot the term though and i read it from scientific america mag…

    About chunk it, this is the first time i hear about this thing but maybe its time to give more solutions to our online searches problems, right?

  4. @WebbieGurl: You are so right. A couple of days ago, I was searching for a graphic image which is quite common on the web. It took me several pages of search results to finally find the image. It did not appear on the image search because it was not properly indexed but the title of the article that posted the image should have appeared upfront. I guess that the ones in the front page got a higher ranking in terms of PR and image search results is a mess if the images are not properly indexed. Chunkit will definitely come in handy in situations like the one that I’ve mentioned.

    @Rogue: Wow!I gotta check out that article that you mentioned. Sounds interesting.

    ChunkIt is still having some problems of its own. Before it can become a real solution to search problems, they should fix their bug problems first, but it’s a very promising idea and could be potentially helpful to everyone.

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