ChitChat: Chat Client for FaceBook

Do you find it annoying when someone chats with you on Facebook when you are doing something else on your computer? If you find switching tabs while chatting on Facebook and browsing another site very distracting, there is something you can do about it. One way is to collapse the tab where your Facebook is open and place it somewhere on your computer screen. This works well if you have multiple screens to work with.

Another way to prevent you from switching tabs is to use a chat client such as Digsby. There, you can chat with your Facebook friends along with friends that are added to your other chat accounts such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and many more. However, if you want something lightweight with a more focused approach on Facebook, you might want to try ChitChat.

chit chat for facebookChitChat is an instant messenger for Facebook. You can login using the client to chat with all your Facebook contacts. It will connect you with Facebook chat and eliminates the need to use a browser to talk over Facebook Chat.

Simply download the client (1.1MB), install it on your computer and login using your Facebook username and password. It’s easy to use and features a very convenient tabbed chat interface that makes it easy to talk to many friends all at once without cluttering your desktop. It also has an Instant Messenger Notification that lets you know when you receive an instant message.

The next time you get distracted using Facebook Chat, you might want try downloading a chat client that supports Facebook and see if it works out for you.

chitchat chat client

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