Chintzee: Know when Amazon Prices Drops

Do you usually shop at Amazon? Are you constantly checking for price drops and discounts on Amazon? Then you should visit Chintzee. It’s a website that gives alerts when a price drop happens on the world’s largest e-commerce website.

Chintzee actually monitors the price changes on Amazon items. Whenever a price drop happens, you’ll get an alert and you can make your purchase or wait for further price drops. You can also check out the price history of a particular item and see if it is the right time for you to make a purchase. Item prices drop and rise from time to time. The price history graph will help you determine if the price of a product is at its all time low. If so, you can decide to make the purchase right away. If it has been in a much lower price state before, you can wait for a perfect time to make your purchase and save some money.

With the current economy state, it is imperative that we shop smart. Look for lower prices and seek high discounts. If you don’t need to buy the product right away, wait a few days/weeks before you make the purchase. Chintzee will be a great help in finding great deals and discounts if you intend to buy from Amazon. You can also use the service to get price updates from Amazon and compare it with other e-commerce sites and get great deals.

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