BusinesscardStar: Create Business Cards Save as PDF

businesscardstarBusinesscardStar is an online tool that you can use to easily produce professional looking business cards. There is no need for you to download anything. Just register for a free account and you can immediately start creating your business card. The web app omits the need for you look for operating system compatibility for a simple task such as creating a business card for your startup. They have a number of beautifully designed templates for you to choose from that will suit your needs.

BusinesscardStar makes it easier for new users to create business cards because of its wizard style step-by-step creation process. First, select a template, type in your information and then proceed with the overall design which allows you to change the colors, fonts and make text block adjustments. The final step is to save your business card in the form of a PDF document. The document that will be given to you is already properly aligned for printing and DIY cutting.

Watch the demo video below.

I just noticed that the tool does not allow you to upload your own image. Now this will cause some concerns for most users. Most businesses want their logos to be included in their business cards. Placing you brand on your card is as important as having a very good looking business card. BusinesscardStar might want to consider adding this feature in future versions. Having said that, the tool is definitely worth checking out if you want to create your own business card online.

*A short note on the importance of branding

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