BubbleTweet: Add a Video Message to Twitter Page

bubble-tweet-logoBubbleTweet is a Twitter enhancement tool that lets you add a video message to your Twitter profile. It’s a new way of connecting with your Twitter followers, by way of tiny video messages.

The application is very simple. All you need is a webcam and a microphone. Just enter your Twitter username, allow BubbleTweet to access your webcam and start recording your video message. A special URL will be created which links to your BubbleTweet message and your Twitter profile. Once a user clicks your BubbleTweet link, they will be redirected to your profile page and the bubble video message will start to play.

This is a great Twitter enhancement. If you’re not satisfied with Twitter’s 140 character limit, you can always add a video to your tweets. You can also use BubbleTweet for sending personal message to other members and as a form of greeting for your Twitter profile. Tweeting video messages instead of text tweets is what video bloggers will find very attractive. Welcome to Micro video blogging.


3 Comments on “BubbleTweet: Add a Video Message to Twitter Page

  1. I made one for myself. Haven’t published it yet plus there’s no audio (mic’s busted). I’d love to see a bubble Tweet made by you though.

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