Browize: Resize Your Browser Tool

There may be times that you need to resize your browser to properly view a website. If you wish to do so without having to change the screen resolution of your desktop, there’s an easy way to do that by using a particular web application. Browize is an online app where you can resize your browser without changing screen resolutions.

To use the tool, all you need is to click on the resolution that you want. Your browser will automatically be resized in an instant. There’s no need for an account or login in order to use Browize. The tools are ready for you to access once you land on Browize’s home page. To reset things back to normal, simply click the reset button and things will go back the way it was. You can also input a custom width and height if you wish to. Just place the values of your desired width and height.

This can be pretty useful to designers who wish to view a website in different sizes. There’s no need for you to install a plugin or add-on. Some browsers have plugins or addons which offer similar function, but when away from your own computer of office and need to test, Browize can offer an accurate solution

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