BreezYFAQ: Add a Searchable Frequently Asked Questions to your Website

BreezyFAQ is a service that lets you easily add a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to your website. What makes it more useful is that the FAQ page that you’ll create using the service is searchable. Your users won’t have ha hard time browsing all the FAQs (especially long ones) that you’ve provided. They can simply type in their question on the search bar and BreezyFAQ will match the keywords on the search query with the ones on the FAQ that you’ve created.

The admin panel of BreezyFAQ lives up to its name and provides you with a fast and easy to use interface. You can easily add, delete and edit the questions and answers that you have created in the admin panel. You can also insert HTML tags on your admin panel which will automatically be processed on your website.

This is a great tool to utilize for new and old website owners who offers some sort of service online. Instead of creating an entire page(s) for your FAQs, you can simply take advantage or BreezyFAQ and do the FAQ administration from their website. As soon as your FAQ is ready on BreezyFAQ, simply paste a code on your website and watch your FAQ page materialize in no time.

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