Blyper Updates you with New Music of your Favorite Artist

blyperBlyper is a service that will notify you of when your favorite music artist releases a new CD or Single. This is great for music lovers that collect music from several musicians or singers. Keeping track of releases by those artists is pretty hard to do especially with the busy schedule and all. This is also great for keeping track of not-so-popular artists that rarely get the buzz when releasing a new album or single.

You will be notified via email which is very effective provided that you regularly check your email. If you prefer to get notifications by other means, you can use other web tools and services to notify you of your new email about your favorite new music release. It’s just a matter of using the right tools to get what you need.

Here’s a list of things that you can expect from Blyper

• Never worry about missing releases anymore
• Always sure your music collection is complete
• You decide how often you are notified
• Perhaps even discover new artist from other users with similair music taste
• Share your music taste with your friends and,
• Even help them come up with a birthday present for you with your public wishlist
• Conviently buy the albums from a shop near you

You can also hand them your Last.Fm username so that your favorite artists from your Last.FM account will be added to your Blyper artists page.


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