Blow Up your Flickr Images

Blow Up is a new way of viewing your Flickr images. Using this web app, you can showcase your Flickr photos in full screen. Blow Up grabs your public Flickr images and displays them in a well designed layout for better viewing experience.

You do not need to register in order to use the service. Just enter your Flickr username and you are all set. This is a cool web app for breaking Flickr’s limitation on viewing images. The interface is well designed and it will surely provide great viewing experience to your Flickr images. Navigating through different albums can be easily done by clicking on the thumbnails.

You can also use Blow Up in your blogs/websites. A download file is available so you can integrate it in your websites. This is great for Photo blogs and online portfolios for Photographers and Illustrators. You can customize the Blow Up interface and color palette in your sites to complement your brand. Blow Up’s size is under 50KB so you can expect it to load quite fast. The service is free and so is the downloadable Blow Up file.

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