Beat the RSS Out of Any Web Page with FeedBeater

Want to follow a certain web page only and not the entire site update? FeedBeater will beat the feeds out of those web pages. It can also be used to syndicate content changes on websites that do not offer RSS updates.

How it works

FeedBeater is powered by Diffbot, a syndication engine which monitors any URL for changes in content, then classifies and decodes the document’s structure.

By identifying new content, filtering out unimportant content (comment counters, ads, etc etc), clean and intelligent RSS feeds can be built from any URL.

All you need to do is paste the URL you want to syndicate and it will update you whenever a change is made on that page. This is great if you want to keep track of websites that are under construction or get updates from auction pages.

Tip: You can use their script which will allow users to syndicate any page on your website. There is also a bookmarklet available which makes the creation of RSS feed for any URL just a click away.

9 Comments on “Beat the RSS Out of Any Web Page with FeedBeater

  1. This is great. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. There are a few sites out there that contain news I want to import but they don’t have RSS set up and it seems like this will do the trick…thanks.

  2. @Talen: I tried it on sites that does not have RSS and it produced an RSS link for me to follow. To tell you the truth, I did not get the chance to wait for that site to update but I’m pretty sure that it will work just fine.

    @WebbieGurl: Competition among web services or any product for that matter is always great for consumers like us. It may not always be great for them but it will definitely keep them on the edge of development which is also good for both parties. 😉

  3. Indeed! Competetion, as Karl Marx have noted is an invisible hand helping the consumers… well, we are these consumers now… and it is just good to be that way.

    I would be more happy also if yahoo would get back stronger and better competitions would exist in search engines. I hate domination and lack of proper competition.

    Kababayan ka ba?

  4. I don’t know what Yahoo is up to and to be frank, they really suck at the Search engine business but they do have some quality web apps and services that are worth it. Yes I am kababayan hehe! ;D

  5. I have to admit yahoo sucks but i have to say i never trust google results as well… i mean, i use a library when i want to have reliable source for anything.. that is an online library but sad to say a fee is a must f information is to be reliable too.

    I seee, i asked if you’re a Kababayan coz I saw the flag when you returned to my site after i commented here. ^^

  6. The page ranking system of Google (which can be gamed by buying links) makes it unreliable. They need to come up with better algorithms other than page ranking. The fact that page ranks changes takes place more often makes me feel a bit better about it. New content are produced every minute and they are quite fast at indexing those pages, faster than most search engines. Maybe the first page of search results is not that reliable but Google is still the best search engine there is. I’m looking forward to the official launch of Powerset (The recently acquired natural language search engine by Microsoft). 🙂

    P.S.: I knew that you’d make the connection when I saw my arrival at your blog on your Feedjit widget. 😀

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