BackupURL: Create Cached Copy of Any URL

backupurlHere’s a simple tool that you can use to create backup of pages that you found online. BackupURL makes it easy for you to create a cached copy of any web page. All you have to do is enter the URL of the page you want cached. What BackupURL does is store that page to their servers so that you can view them even if the site goes down.

This can be useful for creating copies of pages that tend to go down from time to time, that is if BackupURL itself doesn’t go down on you. It can also be used to save data that are often deleted or modified. If you made a comment on a page or a blog post and concerned that it may get deleted or modified by the owner, this might come in handy in providing proof.

You will be given a URL for your cached page and a short URL is also provided for easy sharing on micro blogs. This might not be your everyday app but it’s worth checking out especially for site owners. It might come in handy sometime.


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