Backup to Email: Useful Backup Tool for your Files

backup-screenshot.pngBefore proceeding, I would like to remind you that this application works only on Windows operated machines, even though the Linux guys will have no trouble running this app. This particularly small (1.69MB) but useful application will help you backup any file or folder to your email as easy as right clicking your file and then performing the backup. What makes this even cooler is that you don’t have to worry about splitting your files in order to do the backup. Backup to Email will do the split for you if you exceed the 10MB file size limit. Backup to Email can also merge it back together if you want your files to be in its old self again.


Backup to Email is very easy to setup. Download the application here, install and configure. I would recommend on using a Gmail account for your backups for it gives you unlimited space. You can use your existing gmail address or create a new one just for storage purposes. If you are going to use Gmail, just place in the email address that you want to send your files to and the sending email address (which can be the same email) , the outgoing server  (, place a check on both check boxes )for SSL and Requires Authentication ), and key in your Gmail username and password. If you put a check on the “Ask for target email every Backup to Email” box the app will ask you which email are you going to put the file. This works well if you have multiple email accounts configured in your Backup to Email app. If you don’t want to be bugged by the software every time you do a backup, just leave the box unchecked.

This is a handy app that can be useful and will save you time in backing up your files in case something bad happens to your PC. You can also make use of this to easily forward large attachments by taking advantage of the auto splitting feature for files greater than 10MB.

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