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audiopalAudioPal is a web service that allows you to record and publish audio using a number of methods. You can record audio through your phone, computer mic or computer keyboard. You can also upload a pre-existing audio file for quick publishing.

To record using your phone, just call the provided AudioPal number and enter the randomly generated passcode. There’s a phone number that’s available for US/Canada residents and one for International users. The next step is to preview your recorded audio and enter and email address where they can send you the link to your AudioPal recording.

Text to audio recording can be done by simply typing in your text on the input box. You are allowed to type-in up to 600 characters. After you’re done, just click the Say It button and let AudioPal do the rest. Since recording using your mic and uploading an existing audio file is very self explanatory, there’s no need to elaborate on how it’s done.

AudioPal is a free service and will not charge you a dime for using it. Regular phone charges will apply when you record using your phone. You will not be asked to register for an account. If you need the service, just head over to the AudioPal site and start recording. Only your email is required in order for you to retrieve your audio link.

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