A Fun Way to Learn a New Language for Free


The first step in learning a new language is word familiarization. In other words, you need to learn the basic vocabulary. You need to associate a word with its meaning, thus familiarizing yourself with the different basic words of the foreign language that you have chosen to learn. But sometimes, even the very basic words are quite easy to forget especially if you’re just a beginner. Well, Memrise will help you with that endeavor.

Memrise, in their own words, is the fastest and most enjoyable way to learn words in any language. In my experience, it’s pretty accurate. They actually make word-learning fast and enjoyable. The guys at Memrise devised a system that assures you that you’ll not forget the new words that you’ve learned. Plus, they promise to make you learn five times faster than other methods.

We’ve taken the very best science of learning and combined it with engaging, playful design to make word-learning fun, fast and exceedingly effective.

Memrise’s learning process is compared to a plant, which is what you’ll really see in your account once you’ve signed up. Once you’ve learned a new word, Memrise will visualize it as a newly planted seed which needs to be watered by testing yourself every now and then. The browser and Memrise’s website is your virtual greenhouse where you nurture your seed/plant. Your knowledge of a new language can either wither or grow. It’s up to you if you want to grow from greenhouse to a full garden once you’ve mastered the language that you’ve chosen.

Check out Memrise and see if that language that you’re willing to learn is there. If it’s not, you can suggest a language that you wish to learn.



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