Youblisher Makes PDF Documents Flippable

Youblisher is an online attempt to visually reproduce the experience of reading a book or a magazine in real life. Although it is not as close as reproducing the physical aspect of actually holding a real book, the result it gives is surprisingly astounding.

The service allows you to upload a PDF document or grab one online by providing a URL. All you need is an account and you can immediately experience reading an online document, Youblisher style. The visual reproduction of actually flipping through the pages of a magazine or a book is very remarkable. You’ll be able to flip pages back and forth as if you are reading an actual book with sounds to match.

Reading an actual book – the flipping of the pages with your fingers and holding its spine as you read is impossible to mimic online. What Youblisher has done is give us a better alternative in reading documents, books and magazines online.

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