Yonkly: Create your Own Twitter

yonkly-logoYonkly is a web service which allows you to create your own micro-blogging site which is similar to Twitter but with additional features. This is great if you want to start a micro-blogging community for a particular purpose.

Like many social networking services that let you create your own community based on their platform, Yonkly is customizable to your preference. The only thing is that the customizability of Yonkly comes with a price. Yes, the service is not entirely free but you can test it for two months to see how your micro-blogging network will fare before actually paying for a subscription. The basic subscription is 10 dollars a month for 1 Gig storage space with a maximum of 100 subscribers. The price is a bit steep if you ask me. It’s more than the price of a hosting service for a blog which you can tweak to become a micro-blogging site using WordPress, the prologue theme and a pagebar plugin along with Twitter integration tools.

If the subscription fee does not bother you, you can enjoy a well designed micro-blogging site  upload tools that lets your members view the posted images and videos in a splash screen. Yonkly also integrates with Twitter if you choose to do so. Every post that you make on Yonkly can be immediately relayed to Twitter by just providing them with your Twitter information.

There is also a monetization option where you are allowed to place advertisements on your Yonkly site. If you can manage to convert your member traffic into profit, then you won’t have to worry about subscription fees.


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  1. Thanks for pointing that out Emad. Frankly, I don’t mind Yonkly charging fees for network owners (joining any Yonkly network is absolutely free). All I’m saying is that maybe they can lower their price just a bit or provide a free service with a maximum or 50 subscribers or less and just offer a premium account for those who wants to extend their network subscribers. Their business model is pretty good actually. I’m just saying that they should give a chance to wanna be network owners to test drive Yonkly for more than two months with limited subscribers.

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