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yaubaIt’s been a while since I’ve heard of a new search engine being released. There are other search tools out there that have made their debut but most of them are just piggybacking on popular ones and aggregating results. Yauba is a new at the search engine scene and is still running on early beta/late alpha preview release. If you’re wondering what this new search engine has to offer its users aside from giving search results, the answer to that would be anonymity.

The Indian based search engine aims to transform the way people find information online, while providing maximum protection for safety, security and privacy. It’s not every day you find a search engine who is not interested in gathering data from its users.

Most search engines try to gather and record as much information about their users as possible. They (or their parent companies) operate massive server farms with even more massive databases that secretly record your entire search history, your private contacts, the identity of your family and friends, your personal emails, your conversations and chats, your browsing habits, your physical location, details on the software you use on your computer, your IP address, and much much more.

At Yauba, we completely reject the view that search engines somehow need to keep mountains of data on their own users. Instead, we take the exact opposite approach. We do everything we can to protect the privacy of our users.

Aside from the total privacy that Yauba is offering, it also takes the semantic approach to search. This simply means that their search engine is more human than others. Semantic means focusing on understanding what the person is searching for rather than comparing keywords and displaying search results based on page rank or page popularity. They clearly stated that they could not care less on how big their index gets and cares more about intelligent search results.

With Yauba, you only need to know how to click a mouse. Yauba does all the hard work for you, by instantaneously auto-extracting, auto-filtering, auto-classifying, auto-refining, auto-categorizing, and auto-suggesting tens of billions of web pages, images, rich media files, and many other file types on your behalf so that you can find the exact information you need in an easy to use manner. Yauba’s dynamic indexing and results ranking algorithm ensures that you receive the most relevant results, even if you have never used a search engine before.


3 Comments on “Yauba: Search Anonymously

  1. Hello everyone!

    Sameer here from Yauba.

    We are still in our late alpha/early beta period with Yauba, and we would really appreciate your suggestions and feedback on how to make the service better.

    Please feel free to email me directly at sam (|at|) yauba (|dot|) com. I will try to reply as promptly as I can!

    Thank you so much!

    Sameer Caan

  2. Thanks for visiting us here Sam, I really appreciate it. I’ll continue using Yauba and give you a proper feedback when I get the chance. Goodluck with Yauba and keep up the great work guys.

  3. Good coverage with Yauba. However, their claim as the first privacy search engine needs to be discussed when there are the following two privacy engines around for a while..
    AAfter Search

    Also by using Java script based PPC Ad system, most loses the debate about privacy.

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