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whatpercentWhatPercent is a website dedicated in bringing you a clean web environment where you can voice out your opinions on a range of issues. They also provide a social network feature that allows you to follow other members. Through this you can create your polls and reviews which can subsequently be voted for or against by the general public. The statistics of these votes will be calculated and displayed in real-time.

This site was made as both a learning experience for our employees as well as a free service to net users everywhere. As an international company, with employees from all over the world, we realize the importance of having your voice heard and allowing the expression of viewpoints from a variety of perspectives.

Registering for a personal account will give you access in creating and voting on reviews and polls ranging from pertinent, real-world issues, to the most outrageous topics. The comment system will allow each member to clarify why they voted the way they did and exchange opinions with other users/members regarding the issue at hand.

If you’re in need of statistics and information on a particular topic, WhatPercent can be a useful tool in getting opinions made by real people all over the world. The real-time stat calculation provides a quick and easy way of gathering data on a given topic or issue.

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