Web2.0Collage: Sniffing Your Browsing History

web20collageWeb2.0Collage is a website that constructs a collage of the web 2.0 sites that you have previously visited. It sniffs your browser history and stitches them together to form a collage of web 2.0 sites. The browser history sniffing is done using javascript which matches the data with a white-list of web2.0 related sites. This simply means that the generated collage is generally safe and will not get you into any trouble.

What is it good for?

The site generally converts your browser history in some form of digital artwork. The logos from the web 2.0 sites are taken from the favicons that are stored on your browser cache.

But Web2.0Collage’s main purpose is to raise privacy awareness. It clearly points out that nothing is private. Any website you visit can easily determine your browsing history and web2.0collage is a living proof of that. You can never know if a site that you are visiting now is sniffing your browsing history and literally checking out your online purchases and most visited sites. This makes it easier for them to target you with ads and other online offers.

There are some precautions that you can take in order to protect your browsing history. One of them is to use the Firefox browser and install anti-scripts plugins. You can also install SafeHistory (SafeHistory is a Mozilla Firefox browser extension that protects your privacy by silently defending against visited-link-based tracking techniques. It allows offsite visited links to be marked only if the browser’s history database contains a record of the link being followed from the current site) to protect you browser history data from prying eyes. Other precautions include setting up your browser to auto-delete your browsing history upon closing it.

web 2.0 collage

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