Watch a 4K Video get Retouched Like Photoshopping a Still Picture

Since the birth of HD (and now 4K), one of the problems that film makers are facing is that the imperfections on the actors/actresses becomes too visible. I for one, like seeing those imperfections when watching a high definition movie/video. For me, it separates them from the highly edited magazine photos that makes them too perfect to be human.

Now, the same retouching techniques that are commonly used on Photoshop (if you’re familiar with them)  to improve a photo can be used on a 4K video. Foton Inc. has developed a movie retouching technique that doesn’t use blurring to retouch. The technique will also not require the user to compress the 4K video to HD. I’m guessing that this new technique of theirs runs as fast if not close to HD editing/retouching.

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