TypeFront: Font Host for Your Website

Browsers have recently included downloadable font support. This means that web designers are no longer restricted to using default fonts in their designs. Now, browsers will be able to download any font and display it even if that particular font is not installed on the end-user’s computer.

TypeFront is a web font distribution platform for designers who are looking to take advantage of the new wave of downloadable font support in browsers. With this easy to use platform, a designer can simply upload a font that has been acquired under a web-friendly license. Upon identifying the domain the where the font will appear, a code will be provided that will allow the designer to call upon the uploaded font in CSS.

TypeFront supports TrueType (.ttf), OpenType (.otf) and Web Open Font Format (.woff) files.

This service is particularly useful if you don’t want others to grab your fonts from other hosts. Only the identified domain that you placed on your TypeFront account will be allowed to display the font. This will protect your font from being used by other websites without your permission. If you have spent certain amount of money to purchase the font that makes your website design rock, this is a good precaution to take to protect your precious font.

You can sign-up for a free service which allows you to upload one font with a 500 views per day limit. If that’s not enough for you or your website traffic, you can upgrade you font hosting plan based on your website’s traffic.

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