TwoQuick: Real-Time Search Meets Traditional Search

twoquickTwoQuick is a search engine that provides search results from both Google and Twitter. You can view the results from the search engine giant and the most popular micro blogging slash social networking site side by side. The search engine offers nothing too flashy, just simple and direct to the point results from two great sources of information that is presented in a single page.

The search engine displays simple Google results which are similar to how the search engine giant used to do it in older times. There’s no images and video recommendations, just the link and the short description of the page is included. The Twitter search results are presented in a manner which includes the Tweet and URL (if included) along with the avatar and Twitter user who published the tweet. It also displays the duration of the tweet’s existence which comes in very handy when you’re tracking the time of release of the information that you’re looking for.

Combining traditional search and real time search side by side using one search engine comes in handy when you are researching for fresh topics. You can view the most recent discussions that are found on Twitter and compare them with older articles that can be found using Google. Twitter is becoming more popular as a source of real-time information. Combining Tweeter data and Google search results in a single, simple and easy-to-use search engine is not a bad idea.

twitter plus google search

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