TwitCritics: A Twitter Powered Movie Review Site

twitcriticsTwitCritics is a website that provides real-time movie reviews and ratings directly from Twitter. It collects tweets about movies written by people on Twitter and determines if they are positive or negative. The reviews will count as soon as they are shared on Twitter.

What makes TwitCritics a valuable source of movie reviews is that it shows you the opinions of real people and not just professional movie critics. You can easily distinguish if a tweet or a comment made on a particular movie is positive by checking out the thumb up (green) or thumb down (red) rating. The main page shows you the overall rating for each movie which is distinguishable by color. The rating is the percentage of tweets that are positive.

If you can’t decide what movie you want to go see or if you are having second thoughts about seeing a particular movie, you can simply head over to TwitCritics and read about what real people are saying about the movie. TwitCritics is also a great place to visit if you are looking for instant movie review on its first day of showing.

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