Twhanel: Create your Own Twitter Channel

twhanelTwitter provides massive loads of information every day. What makes it even better is that the updates are made in real time. But that is also what makes it hard for an average user to track certain topics – massive information overload in real time. If you are tracking a certain category or topic in Twitter, chances are that you might have missed some tweets related to your interest. Twhannel is a Twitter tool that’ll help make you life e bit easier when tracking certain Twitter topics.

You can create your own Twitter channel using the service. You are allowed to create a subdomain of your choice for your Twhanel channel. Personalization will allow you to share your Twhannel easily. You can create a subdomain that is related to your topic/category or you can create something that is closer to your brand.

This is a great way to monitor certain topics that are posted on Twitter. It works like a filter that uses different keywords depending on your interest. It also allows you to share your topics harvested from Twitter with everyone through your Twhanel. The service is free and it only takes a minute to register for an account and create a Twhanel.

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