Tweetz.Tv : A Place to Watch Videos Mentioned on Twitter

Tweetz.TV is a Twtter app that lets you Televize your Twitter. It shows tweeted videos and allows you to view them in one place. Instead of scanning your Twitter timeline for video links, you can simply visit Tweetz.TV and view them instantly as soon as you log in using your Twitter account.

A TV is useless without channels, so the service offers three different channels. My TV is the channel that shows the videos that are posted by the people you follow. The Public TV channel is where the videos posted in the public timeline of Twitter appears. Finally, the Search TV channel lets you look for tweeted videos on a specific topic.

The service is like a filter for tweeted videos which actually lets you watch them. At the moment, Tweetz.TV only supports YouTube videos. You can look forward to seeing Vimeo and Dailymotion join the list of supported videos soon.

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