Tw2Buzz: A Twitter to Google Buzz Migration Tool

Tw2Buzz is a tool that lets you import Twitter contacts into Google Buzz with ease. If you’re fond of the Google Buzz and want to increase your contacts through Twitter, you can use the service to locate people from your Twitter contacts who use Google Buzz and connect with them.

The migration process will only take you 3 easy steps. The first step is to allow Tw2Buzz access your Twitter account. Like most Twitter apps that use your Twitter user/pass to login, Tw2Buzz promises not to store your password. This procedure will only be used in the importing process.

Once logged in, the service will retrieve your contact list and scan the web, looking for their Google account which will bring us to the third step. You will be given a list of Google Buzz users and select from them which ones you wish to follow.

This tool is not really a must for Buzz users but if you wish to make your life easier in importing Twitter contacts to Google Buzz, it’s definitely worth the three easy steps. This is not really an alternative because this is the first of its kind, there’s still the old fashion way of adding contacts for those who do not wish to hand out their Twitter username and password.

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