TumblUpon: Stumble Tumbler Posts

tumbleuponTumblr has a new feature experiment called TumblUpon which is quite similar to the popular social bookmarking site Stumbleupon. The feature will recommend different posts found on Tumblr based on your interest.

All you need to do is head to the tumblr.com/tumblupon address and the toolbar will appear. You can start “tumbling” random tumblr posts from there. Although it functions like the popular social bookmarking site, unlike Stumbleupon, the tumblupon toolbar does not have a thumb up/thumb down button and bookmarking feature. It will just display a random post from other Tumblr users and it doesn’t even change the URL every time you make a “tumbl.”

The toolbar contains the Tumblupon button which will bring you to a random blog post. It also displays a small avatar and the name of the blog that you are currently visiting. Aside from that, a join Tumblr button also exists on the other side of the toolbar.

This is a great way of discovering blog posts made by other Tumblr users. It’s also a great way of promoting blog posts on your Tumblr account and a clever way to promote Tumblr to non-users. If you’re up for some blog stumbling, check out the tool and discover blogs posts you don’t normally see or read anywhere else.

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