TubeGraph: Embedabble Dynamic Rating for YouTube Videos

TubeGraph is a YouTube tool which allows you to place a dynamic rating tool alongside a YouTube video. The dynamic rating comes in the form of a Graph, not unlike the rating feature that we see in YouTube or the post rating plugins that we see on websites.

You can rate a video while watching by moving the slider on the right side of the video. Drag the slider when watching the video and move it up if you like what you’re seeing or down if you don’t like it.

If the video has been rated before, its average graph is displayed. Once you finish rating, your personal graph will also be shown. You can compare your rating against the average rating of the video. This will let you know what others think of the video against your opinion in the form of a graph.

TubeGraph is an interesting YouTube Add-on/Tool. It is still under development.  On the sample below, the graph that you see is the excitement factor of the video. This will let users know which part of the video is the best part according to the people who rated it. It could use some design improvement and high quality support for new YouTube vids, as of now the important thing is that it works.

Sample Video:

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