Tube2Tone: Convert Videos to RingTones

Tube2Tone is an application that allows you to convert any video (YouTube) into a Ringtone or to extract the audio from an online video file. If you happen to find a YouTube video with a tune or sound that you like to hear on your phone as message or ringtone, this app is what you should use.

To use Tube2Tone, simply paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to extract the audio from. You can convert the entire audio or just a portion. When the video starts to play, just press the record button to capture the sound you want to convert into a ringtone.

You can download the tone in a format that is supported by your mobile phone and upload it from your computer. You can get the MP3, iPhone, MMF-Helio, AAC or WAV format. You can also send the tone to yourself or a friend through email or SMS. If the mobile phone supports web, you can include the link of the tone in your SMS message. Simply choose from Tube2Tone’s supported carriers and enter the mobile number in order to deliver the ringtone.

Tube2Tone doubles up as an audio extractor. Instead of downloading the whole video file and editing it using a thirrd party desktop application to get the audio portion that you need, you can simply use Tube2Tone to easily extract any audio portion from a particular video. To top all that, you can easily send the extracted video as ringtones through SMS and email.

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