Tokyo Flash Japan: Oberon S-Mode

oberonNow that is a cool watch! Ever since the birth of cellphones and PDA’s, wearing a watch became somewhat unnecessary┬á for some. I still wear a watch but its just because i have gotten used to wearing one. I still rely on my cellphone for the time and date. But the latest concept from Tokyo Flash Japan might change people’s perspective when it comes to wearing watches. Not only does it look sleek with its black IP coated stainless steel body and strap and stunning white LED display, it is also a fun new way of looking at watches.

The outer ring of LED’s indicate the hour, the second ring indicates single minutes and the third, inner ring, indicates the minutes in groups of tens. It’s easy to follow as the position of the lights is the same as 1-12 on a regular clock dial. The watch also has a date mode which can be read in a similar manner and is activated by a second push of the button.

This timepiece will cost you $135.61 Shipping included.

  • Water Resist 5ATM
  • English & Japanese Instructions
  • 1 year Warranty
  • Time & Date
  • All Stainless Steel


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