The Easiest Way to Convert DVD to AVI

bitripper-logoBitRipper is a Windows application that lets you convert or rip your DVD as AVI files. The default configuration produces a decent AVI result. This means that by using the default settings and not changing a single thing after installation, you can rip your DVD’s in just a single click of a button. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

The application used to be a commercial product. It was constantly under development until they stopped selling it. Now that it’s completely free to download, the support for the product also ceased to exist. This means that you have to use this at your own risk. That being said, BitRipper still produces excellent results and I doubt that you’re going to have any problems with the software. If you want to get specific results, just tweak the settings to get your desired quality.


BitRipper Key Features:

•On-the-fly DVD to AVI conversion.
You don’t need gigabytes of free disk space to store intermediate data. Your DVD is converted in your PC memory and written directly to your hard drive.

•Extreme simplicity.
You don’t need to be computer expert to convert a DVD using bitRipper, all you should do is to insert disc and click a button.

•Splendid customization.
You may tune any parameters if you want, but until you decide they will never distract you.

•Everything included.
You don’t need to download additional modules, codecs and other software. Everything that bitRipper requires is bundled in the software, yet saving its size.

•Existing sources usage.
bitRipper may use any codec which is already installed in your system choosing the most optimal one of them unless you specify the other.

•High software performance.
The conversion process was made as fast as possible. The speed only depends on your hardware.

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