Tank: An Easy and Stylish Way to Create a Website

tank-logoTank is a hassle- free website creation tool with a blog like format. The service may not offer a lot of features but they sure make web creation seem effortless with an awesome design layout done in a minimalistic manner.

In order to start a website, all you need are a couple of pages, a few posts and some images. All you need to do is provide those elements and Tank will glue them all together for you. You can move pages around, hide them if you want to, and attach any type of file to them. Posts are attributed a time-stamp (which you can edit as well) and categorized according to your preference. You can create as many albums in a photo section as you please, then upload as many images to an album as you require. You can also easily change and manage the skin of your site without messing up your data.

Tank is for people who want to create simple, great-looking sites that work. The service comes with a free package for light users and premium packages for those requiring more bandwidth, disk space and domain mapping.


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