Summify Filters your Entire Online News Subscription into 5 Articles

Having a hard time keeping up with online news? If you are subscribed to numerous online news sites, blogs, facebook pages and twitter accounts… you know what mean. It now takes a lot of time browsing pages after pages of content just to find something that is “news” to you.

Summify is an online news reader that filters the content that you are subscribed to and deliver the top five stories to your email. This way you can lighten the browsing and just wait for the top news of the day in your email.

Do not mistake Summify for something that will deliver the top five or top ten news of the day from the entire web to you. Summify’s top picks will depend on your subscriptions. There’s a chance that you’ll miss a good read if you’re not subscribed to the website that delivered it.

You can add your Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader to Summify and it will choose which stories are most important. The more accounts you add, the better the selection process gets. You can choose the amount of articles you want emailed to you and the frequency of the delivery. If you only have time for 5 or 10 articles per day or want your news only once a week, you can easily edit them in your summary settings. You also have the power to set the time Summify will deliver the news to your email.

This is great for people who want the best news from their subscriptions and particularly useful to people who only have a limited amount of time for news articles.


Summify is a “social news reader” that helps you consume your river of news in minutes, rather than hours.

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