StumblePics: StumbleUpon for Flickr Photos

stumblepics logoHere’s a new way of browsing and viewing photos, through StumblePics. The service is like StumbleUpon but only focused on photos. StumblePics makes use of photos found on Flickr and can be viewed in high quality.

The photos that appear on Stumblepics are not entirely random like in StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon displays websites and images based on the categories that you provided. In StumblePics, you need to provide the keyword every time you want to use the service. This way, you’ll get to change keywords if you want to view a different set of photos.

From time to time you’ll get a message saying that StumblePics has encountered some trouble displaying the image and it’s probably Flickr’s fault. When this happens you can simply reload the page to get your chance to view the photo.

This is a great alternative in viewing Flickr photos based on tags that interests you. The great thing about this service is the fact that you’ll get the high quality image right away. You won’t have to browse pages of Flickr just to get to the high quality images that you are looking for.


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