Stiqr: A Code-Free Website Design Tool

Stiqr is a web editor where you can edit your website by touching only one line of code. That’s right, there’s no need for you to worry about the coding part. If you hate to code and want a rocking website to boot, then read on.

Stiqr is actually a widget for your webite. The WYSIWYG editor lets you design your site in a stick and place (drag and drop) fashion. What’s great about the service is that it works on all websites including WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr.

How it Works:

Stiqr sits and works on top of your website and lets you edit your website as you see it live.

There is nothing to download, upload, or install, all you need to do is just embed our widget to your website. Once embedded, all modifications are done instantly from your website using the Stiqr interface. This eliminates the need to open up ftp connections to make changes to your site, nor do you have to learn which file to edit from complex template system, thereby, making Stiqr extremely convenient, easy, and fun to use for all people.

To begin using Stiqr, simply copy the only line of code that you will ever touch from the website and paste in on your own site right before the </body> tag on your html file and save it. The next step is to Refresh the page and press shift+F2 to activate the Stiqr interface. From there, set a password and login to your Stiqr.

Stiqr Features:

tick elements such as: texts, shapes, html, apps/widgets, and even modify background image.

Scale / resize elements on the fly on the spot

Stack elements in the order you want with built-in layers control

Browse an image from our image library or upload your own to our Amazon Cloud CDN service for free

Hosted on a Rackspace Cloud architecture platform with multi fail-over system

Stiqr automatically creates cross-browser compliant code for you out of the box. No more CSS hacking nightmares.

You can play with the demo by making the jump here.

Video Demo:

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