Sputnik: Simplifying Search for the Best Online Tools and Applications

sputnik logoSputnik is a website that aims to deliver you the best of the web in the simplest manner possible. It defines itself as the first Online System. It is a system that organizes and selects the best online tools and application while delivering them to you in very few clicks possible.

The free service divides the selected applications into the most popular categories. The system’s search tool allows you to make fast and targeted search. You’ll be able to take advantage of 50 search engines divided into different categories (between the other web, images, videos, music, download, encyclopedias, maps, etc). The results that Sputnik provides are the results that are provided by the best search engines available on the web.

Listed are the rest of Sputnik’s features

Communication: connects you to the most popular e-mail providers, Instant Messaging services, social networks, SMS, fax… all for free.

Music: listen to 24 hours/24h music, watch live concerts in streaming… and all the best music services in one click.

Movies: offers a list of movies (divided by genre) which can be viewed in streaming (that means without need to download).

TV: provides a selection of free online TV channels.

News: allows to read the daily news and to access to the best national and international newpapers online.

Games: allows to play games online, also in real time with other users.

Language Tools: provides translating services, dictionaries, language lessons and applications which allow other user, in the dialogue with the selected language.

Apps: allows the access to the best online applications without need to download (from text elaboration to the photo editing from the file transfer to SMS sending…)

All the services found in Sputnik are completely free and does not require you to download. All you need is your browser and you can enjoy free online tools and applications.

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