Speed Dial Chrome Extension Makes your Chrome Browser Look Better

If you think that your Google Chrome Browser looks already awesome, wait till you try out this Chrome Plugin called Speed Dial. The Google Chrome extension Speed Dial just got an update by adding custom site logos for your speed dials and plenty of other customization settings to make your browser start page look great.

Instead of getting the usual snapshot thumbnail of the mostly visited sites on your Google Chrome, you can easily bookmark your favorite sites using the plugin. You can also set the number of dials (from 1 to 36) in the page, select your desired theme and background image. And in this update, you get to choose the logo that will appear on your Speed Dial, thus, making your favorite browser look awesome.

If you’re using Chrome and is looking for a cool plugin to make your browser more of an eyecandy, download this plugin and customize it to your preference. You also get to have a rocking Super Mario background to go with your Speed Dial bookmark logos. Ain’t that cool or what?

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