SortFix Recommends Keywords for your Search

SortFix is a new search engine that will help you enrich your search experience. They created a graphical interface that will boost your search skills. It will recommend additional keywords as you search/type the basic ones.

The power of Sortfix is not in its indexing algorithm. The generated search results still come from the giant search engine, Google. What Sortfix is trying to do is improve the way the user searches by providing additional keywords that is related to the initial search keyword(s). Behind the scene an intelligent algorithm imitates a professional searcher – by scanning and examining the results, it reveals the significant keywords and terms that will help you to define a better question.

This is a great site to recommend to novice users. It will greatly improve their search skills while still getting results from Google. By using SortFix’s unique interface you can play with the suggested keywords, and create your own individual and precise query, and when you ask a precise question you usually get the right answer.

Demo Video

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