SocialVisor: Twitter and Facebook Widget for People Who have a Life

Social Visor is a Twitter and Facebook application/client that allows you to access the said social networking sites right on your computer’s desktop. It acts as a scrolling ticker visor and appears on the top part of your screen.

Here’s a list of features that you can expect to find in SocialVisor:

– Group your friends regardless of whether they are on twitter, facebook or both.

– Find conversations that are happening between your friends on twitter. SocialVisor creates a list of conversations so that you can find and see what your friends are talking about.

– Access your direct messages, mentions, retweets and @ messages and be notified when new messages arrive.

– ‘Star’ tweets or facebook updates to save then for later.

– Forward tweets or facebook updates by email to anyone.

– Reply to tweets

– Comment on facebook updates

– Retweet a tweet

– Like or un-like a facebook update

– Post a link, we shorten links automagically so you needent worry about wasting precious characters.

– Share pictures, we’ll load them to twitpic and share the link to your picture.

– Share links and pictures with your twitter and facebook simultaneously.

– Post tweets & updates to twitter and facebook simtaneously.

– View your friends’ pictures right in SocialVisor.

– Autatically split your tweets if 140 characters just isn’t enough.

– Search twitter to find interesting people and content.

– Follow or un-follow anyone right from SocialVisor.

– View recent tweets for people you follow.

– View recent posts for any of your facebook friends

The application will allow you to use Twitter and Facebook without heading to your browser to check them out. It will reduce the time spent switching from window to window just to continue with your work and update your social account(s). With this tool you can do both without wasting too much time. You can easily read the updates that appear on top of your screen. This is the app to use for power users who doesn’t mind getting updates through a client. Maintain the level of productivity while working or doing something else while social networking.

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