SocialMix.Me: Mix Your Social Networks Together in One Place

socialmixmeSocialMix.Me is a social networking site aggregator that lets you combine your social networking updates in a single page. Instead of handing your new friends several links to different social networking sites that you use, you can simply send them your SocialMix.Me link. It will make your life easier and your new friends can easily choose which to follow.

A few minutes of registration and setting up your SocialMix.Me account is all it takes to have your own personal page of mixed social updates. You don’t have to grant Social Mix access to your social networking site accounts. You only need to provide the usernames that you use on your social sites. Your updates will be automatically aggregated by the service.

SocialMix.Me is a great alternative to current and existing online social business cards. If you want a whole page of mixed social updates, then this service is for you. Social Mix provides a non widgetized and non- (tiny) business card looking page. Your page is presented in a clean and organized manner. Start mixing your social pages today and take advantage of providing your friends with a single page social updates of you.

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