SnappyFingers: The Question and Answer Search Engine

snappy-fingers-logoSnappyFinger‘s goal is to answer all those FAQs (frequently asked questions). It’s a more focused search engine that gives relevant results to frequent questions. Whether you are doing research or home work, or you just have a plain old question, you might probably find your answers through SnappyFingers.

We are building the most comprehensive database of Questions and Answers on the web.

There are tons of search engines that are online now and probably more are on the way. The only problem on those search engines that are popping out nowadays is that they only aggregate search results from other search engines. Some search sites are just acting as portals for more popular ones. It’s good to know that there are developers who are concerned in creating new algorithms for better and faster search results.

What I like about SnappyFingers is that the search results are not limited to very few characters. It actually lives up to its promise to provide answers to your questions and not just links. You can actually get the idea by just reading the search results. If in any case you don’t find what you are looking for in SnappyFingers, you can always ask someone (a real person) from the Yedda Community. The Yedda widget can also be found on the SnappyFingers site.


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