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snailmailrThere are times that you want to send someone a snail mail. Even in this digital age where you can just email someone, send SMS, tweet, IM, or write Facebook comments to greet family and friends and give them updates on what’s going on with you, it would be nice to send someone a snail mail once in a while. SnailMailr is an online mail service that you can use to send snail mails for you.

Keep in better contact with elderly relatives, send a special letter to a friend, write a landlord, or mail a resume and cover letter: a cheap, simple, faster way to do a common task.

Creating a letter is very quick and easy. There’s no need for you to create an account. Just address your envelope, write your letter, verify its appearance and pay using Google checkout. Letters are printed and placed in the mail within 24 hours. The exact date your letter is printed and mailed is available on your letter’s receipt page.

SnailMailr is presented in the most attractive way possible. High quality laser printers are used to print your letter. If happen to include an image or a color document, it will appear on paper in high resolution and vibrant color. You can preview your letter right on SnailMailr and see what your letter looks like when they send it. It will look exactly like on the preview page when it is printed and mailed.

The service will cost you $1 for the first 4 pages of the letter. A $0.10 additional fee is charged for each extra page added. If you want to remove the SnailMailr logo on your letter you can pay an additional $0.15 fee.

Of course, up until the time your letter is actually printed, you can cancel it for a free refund.

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