Simler: Finding People With Similar Interests Through Tags

simler logoSimler is a social networking site and messaging service where you can find and connect with other people who have similar interests as you. The connections are made by tags that you placed describing your interests or a topic of discussion.

Simply place tags of things that you are interested in and Simler will recommend people with common tags. You’ll be able to meet other people that like the same thing(s) you like, or connect with others that have more than one thing in common with you.

The homepage of Simler comprises posts that you made as well as your friends posts on mutual tags. If there is a general conversation that you would like to share with your friends, you can post it to your profile rather than a tag. You can do that by simply not specifying a tag from the homepage publisher. When you post to your profile, that post shows up in all your friends’ homestreams so everyone can join in on the dialogue.

This is a new way to connect with new people and converse with friends which has similar interests as you do. If you are looking for a new social networking site which has an easy way of connecting with others with similar interests, you should give Simler a try. Start tagging your interests and make new connections with like-minded people easily.

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