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similar sitespngSometimes searching for similar sites is easier than using search engines to get the content that you are looking for. SimilarSites aims to help you make your search for similar websites a lot easier. With its increasing database of related sites combined with user interaction, it will definitely become a great search tool for sites with related content.

All you need to do is type in the URL of the website that you like and SimilarSites will display a list of links that will direct you to websites with similar content. The results also contain screenshot thumbnails of the websites along with a quick info on what they are all about. Users can also rate the results if they are similar or not. This will help the service generate more accurate results in the future thus giving users a better experience.

The service is still in beta and some of the results are not entirely accurate. Sometimes, it will display a no result for other websites. However, doing a search using popular website URLs displays much more accurate results. The user rating participation will definitely improve the results over-time. This means that the more you use SimilarSites, the better it gets.

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