SeaDragon: Fit Extra Large Images on Tight Web Pages

seadragonSeaDragon is a simple but useful web app from Microsoft Live Labs that allows you to zoom and pan around any image on the web, no matter how big. What the app does is take a large image and place it in an ajax powered viewer which is designed to fit any page. The width of the viewer is set to auto fit any webpage to take away the hassle of adjusting the image size. The image is automatically resized to fit the SeaDragon viewer at first view. The user can simply zoom in to take a closer look at the image without any loss in quality. It’s like viewing Google maps only with your image on it.

To use the service, simply place the URL of the image on the input bar of SeaDragon. Unfortunately’ you are not allowed to upload your huge images directly. You’ll need to upload it on an image host such as flickr and Photobucket. After placing the image link, just press the create button and watch it convert your image into an embeddable and zoomable picture viewer.

seadragon picture viewer

In addition to zoom, you can use your mouse’s scroll wheel to zoom in and out wherever the mouse points. This will give you a better control of the image while viewing and zooming (in and out) different portions of the image. SeaDragon will adjust the quality of the image every time you zoom in or out. Once you’re zoomed in, simply drag the image to see more of it. If you get lost, you can always use the home button located on the lower right. You can also view in full page for a clearer view of the image.

This is a useful little app that you can utilize to embed extra large images on tight web pages. The auto-resize feature makes the embedding even easier for everyone. There’s no need to adjust width size just to make it look good on any part of your webpage. The full screen view feature will allow you to enjoy the full size image provided that it will fit your computer screen.

Embedded  Sample Below:

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