ScreenTunes: Soundtrack and Movie Finder

screentunesScreenTunes is your helping hand in finding out which movie you might have heard a particular song or which song was featured in a particular movie. You can also use the lyrics of the song in as your search tag. It’s basically a search engine that was toned down and tweaked for specific tasks and combined with multimedia features.

You can filter your search by music, lyrics and movie. Just type-in the name of a song, a lyric from a song, or the name of a movie on the search bar. Select the proper mode for your search and hit the search button. It will return the search results of the related search which contains short information about the songs. You can listen to the songs without leaving ScreenTunes or you can head on over to the iTunes or Amazon store so you can make your purchase.

This is another way of discovering new songs through new movies. If you want to find out new songs that are used on a movie that you have seen, ScreenTunes could be a great help to you. You can also use it to search for a song by just entering the lyrics of the song. Its ability to play the songs is a plus when looking for a particular song title that returned several search results. This will make your search faster and provides better user experience for those who are in the mood for discovering movie related music.

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