ScreenPerfect: Online Screen Tester Plus Dead Pixel Fixer

ScreenPerfect is an online tool that you can use to check if you are getting the most of your screen. If you are a gamer who spends a fortune on graphic cards, it’s now time to check if you’re getting your money’s worth by testing if your monitor is functioning properly. This is also a useful tool for digital photographers and web designers who are usually the ones that are more concerned with the quality of images that they are getting from their screens.

Using the tool is very easy. ScreenPerfect will run a series of tests to ensure you that your monitor is giving you the best performance. With each test, you will be given tips on how to improve your screen settings and get the most out of it. If your monitor/screen didn’t pass the test, a friendly tip on how you can fix it is also provided with each test. ScreenPerfect also tells you how it affects your gaming or viewing experience if your monitor is not working properly.

Another additional and very useful service that ScreenPerfect provides is the dead pixel fixer. Using this tool is as easy as clicking one button. Your monitor will be blasted by different colors which usually get rid of dead pixels that develop on most LCD monitors. Just be careful not to stare at the dead pixel fixer while it is running for it can cause nausea and seizures for epileptics. To stop the routine, simply hit the escape button and it will be over instantly.

ScreenPerfect is a useful tool that you can use online. There’s no need to install anything and it will not ask you to register for an account. Just follow the instructions and tips carefully and get 100% performance out of you monitors.

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