Run Android Apps on your PC

Now, there’s a way to actually run Android Apps on your PC and it’s through BlueStacks. It’s an engine that virtualizes the whole Android OS and runs it on x86 based Windows computers.

There is no dual boot needed and it said to run the full version of Android 2.2 seamlessly. It pretty much functions like how you can run Windows inside a Mac OS-X using Parallels.Another great thing about BlueStacks is that it uses all of Windows utilities and drivers. This means that if you want to use the Android Skype App, Windows will handle the audio and video calls for the app.

This is great for iOS device owners to check out the Android Apps without actually buying an Android device. It can also be useful if you want to check out Apps on your PC first before deciding which mobile device you really want. Too bad there’s no virtualization software for iOS to truly make the comparison. For whatever reason you have on running Android Apps on your PC, BlueStacks is definitely worth a check-out.

Note: BlueStacks is currently on stealth mode. You can follow @bluestacksinc on Twitter for updates.


Source: [SlashGear]


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