Quizy.Me: Social Asking Tool

Quizy.Me is a social tool for asking questions and answering them. You can create a question or answer questions posted by other users randomly. There’s also a question feed so that you can monitor the new questions made by your friends. The tool can be linked to your Facebook account so that you can share your questions with everyone on Facebook.

Simply create your Quizy.Me account and you can begin posting your question(s). You can make fill in the blank questions or simply ask away with your regular in-your-face questions. The site streams the most popular questions and answers. If a question or answer happens to catch your interest, simply click on it and join the conversation.

Quizy.Me is a way to have fun in your social networking site. It can be informative and entertaining at the same time. Ask meaningful questions and watch your friends react to them. You can also answer their questions whether just for fun or be of some help to them by being informative. Learn more about friends through questions.

*Just a reminder, most of the questions and answers are in Turkish. You can use the Google translate to read them in English.

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